Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rights of the Neighbor and Good Treatment of Him

In the al-Quran, Surah An-Nisa', verse 36; Allah says,

"And serve Allah. Ascribe nothing as partner unto Him. Show kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and unto the neighbor who is of kin unto you and the neighbor who is not of kin, and the fellow traveler and the wayfarer and the slaves whom your right hand possesses."

We are urged to perform a good duty to our neighbors.

In the hadith relates by Abu Hurairah; "The holy prophet (SAW) said: One who believes in Allah and the day of judgement must not cause hardship and inconvenience to his neighbor; and he who believes in Allah and the last day must respect his guest; and he who believes in Allah and the day of judgement must speak well or keep quiet!" (Bukhari & Muslim).

Therefore, we must take care of our neighbors. Don't park our car in front of his gate as it will hinder his movement.

If we have pets such as cats or dogs and so on and so forth, please do not let our pets to litter in our neighbors' yard. It will irritate our neighbors' feelings. Please control our pets.

We might love our pets but our neighbors might hate them because of undisciplined cat or dog who went shitting around.

The holy prophet (SAW) even declared 'By Allah, his faith is incomplete', 'By Allah, he is not a perfect muslim', 'By Allah, he does not believe'.
He was asked: 'O! Messenger of Allah! Who is he?'
He said: 'One whose neighbor is not immune against his mischief.' (Bukhari and Muslim)
Muslim's version is: That person will not enter paradise whose neighbor is not safe against his mischief.

Thus, we have to make sure that our neighbors are happy with our existence in the neighborhood.

Let's practice this teachings of Allah and our beloved prophet, insyaAllah.

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