Thursday, January 23, 2014

First Thing First...

We've listened that people say, "Do first thing first!",
Then you'll do the next important thing in the list,
Then the next one, then the next one,
And so on and so forth.

We've to prioritize our jobs,
Starts with the urgent and important one,
Then may be with something urgent but not important,
Then continue with something important but not urgent,
And lastly, something that's not important and that's not urgent.

But us...

Sometimes we start with the other way around,
We do something that's not important and that's not urgent,
And we follow up with something that's not urgent,
Lastly, then we try to do something that's important and urgent.

That's why, some of our urgent and important works just flew away,
We just do things our way.

We don't like others to tell us how to do things,
We proudly say...
Man gotta do what man gotta do,

We've never learned and we've never listened,
Who are you to dictate us what and how shall I do things?
I'll do it, no matter what...
But I'll do it my way...

I need no instruction,
I need no permission,
I'll just do it,
But again, I'll do it my own way...

Don't blame me if it doesn't work,
Don't ask me if it's a sloppy work,
Don't mad at me if it won't work at all...
But blame me if I didn't do the work.

That's the reason why we can't move on...
That's the reason why we are left behind...
That's the reason why we are still lacking in everything,
We just do it in our own way... 

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