Friday, June 10, 2011

Doing Good to Friends of Parents

Ibn Dinar (RAA) says about Abdullah Ibn Umar (RAA) that 'when the latter travelled to Mecca and got tired riding a camel, he would ride on his donkey for an easy ride, and would put a turban round his head. When one day he was riding on his donkey, a village Arab passed by him and he (Abdullah bin Umar) said to him: 'Are you not so and so, son of so and so?'

The man said: 'Yes, I am.' Abdullah (RAA) gave him donkey and said: 'Ride it; and gave him his turban also and said: 'Wrap it round your head.' Some of his companions said to him. 'May Allah pardon you; you have given this villager the donkey, on which you were riding with ease and the turban with which you had covered your head'.

He said: 'I have heard the Holy Prophet (SAW) say: It is the supreme virtue that a person should be benevolent towards the members of the families of the friends of his father after the latter's death. This man's father was a friend of my father (Umar Ibn Khattab).' (Muslim)

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