Saturday, June 18, 2011


Imran bin Husain, reports that a woman belonging to the Juhainah tribe, became pregnant as a result of adultery. She came to the Holy Prophet (SAW) and admitted her guilt and requested for being punished in accordance with the Quranic injunction. The Holy Prophet (SAW) sent for her guardian and asked him to treat her well and to bring her back to him after delivery. The guardian did carry out the orders and brought her back to Holy Prophet (SAW) who adjudicated and asked for her execution as the Holy Quran says. For this purpose, her clothes were tied round her body and she was stoned to death. Thereafter, the Holy Prophet (SAW) led her funeral prayers. Umar Farooq then remarked: "O Prophet of Allah! She is an adulterous and you are leading her funeral prayers." The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: "Yes, she had repented in such a way that if this repentance is distributed among 70 persons of Madina then it would have covered them all. There can not be a better and higher degree of repentance than this, in which case she chose to speak the truth at the cost of her life simply for the sake of Allah's pleasure. (Muslim)

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